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overpowered adj : rendered powerless especially by an excessive amount or profusion of something; "a desk flooded with applications"; "felt inundated with work"; "too much overcome to notice"; "a man engulfed by fear"; "swamped by work" [syn: flooded, inundated, overcome, overwhelmed, swamped, engulfed]

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  1. past of overpower

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Overpowered is the second solo album by former Moloko vocalist Róisín Murphy. It was released in her native Ireland on October 12, 2007 and in the United Kingdom and rest of Europe on October 15, 2007.


The album was preceded by the single of the same title on July 9, 2007. Murphy's official website announced on July 6, 2007 that the song "Overpowered" was not chart eligible but instead was used as an introduction for her start at EMI. The second single release from the album was the song "Let Me Know", which was released a week before the album release. The single reached number 28 in the United Kingdom. Several months later, "You Know Me Better" was released as the album's third single on March 31, 2008. The single reached number 47 in the United Kingdom. Róisín announced in an interview that "Movie Star" will be released as the album's fourth single in the summer of 2008.
The album received gold status in Belgium with more than 50,000+ copies sold.

Track listing

  1. "Overpowered" (Róisín Murphy/Paul Dolby/Mike Patto) — 5:07
  2. "You Know Me Better" (Róisín Murphy/Andy Cato) — 4:17
  3. "Checkin' on Me" (Róisín Murphy/Ivan Coralliza/Jimmy Douglas/Lajuana Pigram) — 4:39
  4. "Let Me Know" (Róisín Murphy/Andy Cato) — 5:09
  5. "Movie Star" (Róisín Murphy/Paul Dolby/Mike Patto) — 4:01
  6. "Primitive" (Róisín Murphy/Ivan Coralliza) — 4:50
  7. "Footprints" (Róisín Murphy/Mark de Clive-Lowe/Paul Dolby) — 3:37
  8. "Dear Miami" (Róisín Murphy/Paul Dolby/Mike Patto) — 3:40
  9. "Cry Baby" (Róisín Murphy/Michael Ward/Dean Honer/Richard Barrett) — 5:54
  10. "Tell Everybody" (Róisín Murphy/Ivan Coralliza/Jimmy Douglass/Lajuana Pigram) — 3:51
  11. "Scarlet Ribbons" (Róisín Murphy/Michael Ward/Dean Honer/Richard Barrett) — 5:35
  12. "Body Language" (Róisín Murphy/Andy Cato) — 4:39
  13. "Parallel Lives" (Róisín Murphy/Richard Phillips) — 4:22

B-sides and Online Exclusives

  • "Foolish" (Róisín Murphy/Paul Dolby) — 3:28
  • "Sweet Nothings" (Róisín Murphy/Lajuana Pigram/Jimmy Douglass/Ivan Corraliza) — 3:44
  • "Sunshine" (Róisín Murphy/Richard Barrett/Dean Honer/Cathy Dennis) — 3:08
  • "Unlovable" (Róisín Murphy/Paul Dolby/Mark de Clive-Lowe) — 3:56
  • "Modern Timing" (Róisín Murphy/Ivan Corraliza) — 4:28
  • "Pandora" (Róisín Murphy/Richard Phillips) — 3:56
  • "Keep It Loose" (Róisín Murphy/Mike Patto/Toni Econmides/Paul Dolby/John Mullarkey) — 3:26

Unreleased songs

These songs were written and/or recorded by Murphy for Overpowered, but remain unreleased.
  • "Don't Let It Go to Your Head Boy" (Murphy, Cathy Dennis, Calvin Harris)
  • "Earn It" (Murphy, Michael Ward, Richard Barrett, Dean Honer)
  • "Off & On" (Murphy, Dennis, Harris)



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